Tissue Recontouring

The soft tissue (gum) is the frame for beautiful teeth and can be just as important as the teeth themselves. If the soft tissue frame is not shaped properly or covers too much of the teeth you will not have the beautiful smile you want.

A few common conditions that detract from the teeth are:

  • Unsymmetrical gum tissue
  • A "Gummy Smile" is when too much gum tissue is covering the teeth making them look shorter.
  • Misshapen gums around the teeth

Soft tissue contouring allows the doctor to reshape the soft tissue with a special CO2 laser in 1 visit. The procedure is virtually painless with no after affects. Soft tissue gum contouring is also often utilized during porcelain veneer or crown preparations. It is important both aesthetically and functionally during these procedures.

The end result of gum contouring is longer, slender more beautiful teeth.